PUBLIC OFFICIALS (elected/appointed) NEED TO PUT AN END TO 1/2 CENTURY LONG PROBLEM WITH LEAKY CRIMe PLANTS (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments)

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The problem with Leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) has been prevalent for a half century or more, in virtually all the states across the USA even though we have enacted laws that forbid this leakage of toxic chemicals caused by manufacturers that do not have proper environmental safeguards in place. It’s an insidious accumulative problem that is polluting our land and water that has been ignored, concealed, denied and has consistently fallen on blind eyes/deaf ears of elected and appointed public officials who cater more to greed and power (for others and themselves) more than they do to their sworn duty to protect the environment and well being and health & safety of the public. This should absolutely not be a partisan issue. Public officials exist to protect the public from harm/damage, and they do not exist to allow manufacturers to get away with illegally polluting the environment and public domain. The argument that “the pollution already exists in urbanized and industrialized areas, so why worry about it?” is a warped and grossly negligent argument that is full of holes (leaks). The POLLUTION faucet/leaks at these CRIMe plants, which has been flowing steadily for half century or more, needs to be shut off. This is not a made up story. It’s a REAL problem that is causing a steady accumulative decline in the quality of the nation’s public drinking water supply sources. It is especially a problem in the Midwest and Great Lakes Region where the largest and most precious bodies of fresh water exist in the world. The segment of the population that is the most vulnerable to the toxic cancer causing chemicals are pregnant women, infants and toddlers.

NOTICE and DISCLOSURE of this problem has been made before, including in:

  • 2000 to Jennifer Granholm, Michigan AG, and MDEQ;
  • 2017 to Obama Admin & US EPA & US AG;
  • 2018 to Michigan Governor Whitmer and MI EGLE & MI AG; and now again in
  • 2021 to Biden Admin & US EPA & US AG and Michigan Governor Whitmer and MI EGLE & MI AG.

For the most recent 2021 NOTICE and DISCLOSURE referenced above, go to table of contents of this blog to see:

  1. Letter to President Biden;
  2. Letter to MI Governor Whitmer;
  3. Letter to local (W MI, Grand Rapids Metro), state (MI) and federal elected/appointed public officials;
  4. Letter to CRIMe plant affected property owners;
  5. Dear EPPers (enablers, protectors, etc.) letter; and
  6. FACTitious “One Red Ant” Leaky CRIMe plant story.

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