Biden Must Prepare for 2024 “democracy saving” Emergency Executive Order

The likely 2024 US November general election scenario is becoming clearer by the day: In all likelihood there will be a close race for the US Presidency between Biden and Trump. Biden cannot, and must not, let the decision on who won the race be determined by MAGA GOP leaning and dominated SCOTUS (Supreme Court […]

Will Joe Biden be Abe-like in 2024 to Save US democracy?

TABLE OF CONTENTS Various Scenarios (Some Scary) For November 2024 Election:                 REPUBLICAN POTUS WIN:                                                                                  DEMOCRAT POTUS WIN:                                                                                     SCENARIOS SUMMARY:                                                                                    What’s Coming Up Pre-November 2024 Elections?                                  Who are the candidates running?               […]

Confederacy Reemergence by UglyGOP

Rewriting Constitution to Deconstruct Federal Government: The UglyGOP is working hard behind the scenes on their ultimate goal of rewriting the US Constitution to their liking, which requires a two-thirds approval from the 50 states. To achieve that requires a significant increase in the current number of GOP new Confederate states. In essence, it requires […]

What Will POTUS Do Now That GOP Has Reached Confederate Tipping Point?

So What’s Happened and What’s Coming? The 2022 election is now over, and we now know that the GOP has taken over the U.S. House and the Dems have held onto a slight meager majority in the U.S. Senate. What impact all the anti-voting rights laws had in all the GOP controlled Confederate states is […]

Dear GOP MAGA Famiglia/Siblings, We’re (you & I) Getting a Divorce

By James P. LaMancusa, aka Giacomo B. Fischiatore DO YOU BLAME ME? Please understand, people who have WARPED PRINCIPLES (GOP MAGAs), just do not qualify as worthy family/friends. Many don’t grasp seriousness of US situation? “Ain’t no” different now than Confederates vs Union, or Allies vs Nazis/Fascists. As before, often family/friends end up on opposing […]

Dahh Beginning of Dahh End! (democracy out, GOP Autocracy in)

By Giacomo B. Fischiatore, aka James P. LaMancusa   Dahh Trump GOP MAGA group are moving quickly to pave the way for complete takeover of US political system to bring US soon to dahh beginning of GOP Autocratic Rule starting in Jan 2025 after Trump is elected 2nd time in Nov 2024.   In their […]

Principled Global Allies Aiding Ukraine Against Putin/Russia

PACATO (.org) Update, April 2022, By JPL, aka GBF Probably not doing our updates as often as we should, but rest assured, as time marches on, so do we. What has happened the most in the last few months is the emergence of the Putin-Russian unprovoked attack of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. As those […]