Voting Rights Plundering & Anti-Protesting Laws in GOP Controlled States Bringing US Closer to GOP Goal of US Autocracy

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PUBLIC OFFICIALS (elected/appointed) NEED TO PUT AN END TO 1/2 CENTURY LONG PROBLEM WITH LEAKY CRIMe PLANTS (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments)

The problem with Leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) has been prevalent for a half century or more, in virtually all the states across the USA even though we have enacted laws that forbid this leakage of toxic chemicals caused by manufacturers that do not have proper environmental safeguards in place. It’s an […]

Now more than ever we need to advocate and adhere to “liberal democracy” principles

For those who get confused about upper case “D” versus lower case “d” for American “Democratic Party” versus American “democratic system” of government, this is not about Democratic Party, or Right (e.g., conservative) leaning versus Left (liberal) leaning American political parties (i.e., Republicans versus Democrats, which both have moderate or independent leaning supporters in the […]


CRIMe plants cause decades- and century-long REAL insidious and steady contamination of natural water resources, such as freshwater, private and public groundwater (wells) and surface water (lakes) drinking water supply sources, including Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes system as a whole.  Thus another reason for calling them CRIME plants, is simply because what they […]

We are PACATO: Principled American Citizens & Allies Together to Orchestrate

_______________________________________________________   PACATO Principled American Citizens & Allies Together to Orchestrate In Harmony for the Common Good of Humanity and our Planet Our allies near and far, in small and large lands and populations, are in: our local communities & regions; our states/provinces; our nation & its regions; our North American continent, our Western Hemisphere; […]