Is President Joe an Abe, or Ain’t He?

Lesson No. 1: Remember USA & World History and That Math & Science Are Real

In the first (maybe last, but maybe not?) civil war in the USA in the 1800s (call it Civil War 1, or CW1), our President at the time, Abraham Lincoln (call him Abe) declared war against the Confederate states, of which there were eleven (mostly in the South). Following this declaration, the CW1 commences, with the Union soldiers battling it out in a bloody war against the Confederate soldiers. The term Union  was for the Union of the United States, which included the states that were abiding by the US Constitution, which call for equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of race, religion, gender, etc, and that equality rule applied to African Americans who were treated like agricultural livestock or worse. Well after Americans fought Americans, resulting in the death of many millions of American soldiers and civilians, the war ended in the Confederates defeat, after which reconstruction occurred after this devastating war to rebuild neighborhoods, cities, counties and states that had massive destruction of property and the civilian infrastructure (roads, bridges, hospitals, water systems, etc.). During this reconstruction period, those Confederate states had to give up their confederacy, and get back to abiding by the Constitution just like all the rest of the states in the Union.

Unfortunately, that lesson about Civil War 1 and other tough lessons won’t be taught in Florida anymore, because FL Governor DeSantis is making the schools in HIS state remove everything from the library and class curriculum that causes the least bit of psychological discomfort to the students, such as having to hear stupid history lessons about slavery practices or slaughtering of Jews during the WW2 era by Nazis/Fascists, or having to learn stupid science stuff and arithmetic as it relates accumulative negative climate effects of common gases on our atmosphere (whatever that is?) like carbon dioxide and methane, and other idiotic nonsense that serves no useful purpose in making profits and increasing wealth for the nice evangelical Christian rich people who watch over US as our good Christian leaders in our united Christian nation.

But for the few people that do have an opportunity in their state to learn a lessons or two, remember:

  1. Two plus two equals four;
  3. Extreme narcissistic behavior of national leader (aka Donald Trump or his clone GOP replacement), coupled with deceitfulness, selfishness & vindictiveness, serves only the narcissist and his sycophants (and corporations & ultra-wealthy), while destroying individual liberties & rights, as well as undermining and degrading civilized societies & their environs near & afar (local, state, regional, national, international).

Must admit, CGU (CommonGoodUnited) hasn’t had a post on its webpage for quite some time now, because quite frankly, NOBODY SEEMS TO BE LISTENING OR CARES, and there’s really not much more to say before the WHOLE WORLD BLOWS UP (WW3), the next great Earth EXTINCTION OCCURS, and our USA democratic republic EVOLVES INTO AN AUTOCRACY prompting CW2 (Civil War 2). GOP MAGA craziness seems to be prevailing now with a strong wind at their back, and time is rapidly running out by the week, day and hour to stop this insane group who are racing down the track on a runaway train destined for Doomsville USA.

We could summarize here for readers a lot more detail of what exactly happened in the Civil War 1 and World War II (WW2), etc, but what good is that going to do right now with less than two months to the November 2022 mid-term elections? Let’s lay out the facts real quick here:

There was a January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot/Insurrection/Coup Attempt orchestrated by Donald J Trump and his GOP cronies and supporters, the MAGA maniacs, who followed their orders from their supreme leader, Mr. Trump, to storm the Capitol and violently and illegally overturn the legitimate 2020 election.

And now let’s talk about how the GOP controlled states (about 20 states) have passed unconstitutional anti-voting rights laws (about 40-50 such laws) in their states with the blatant and flagrant purpose of suppressing & purging votes, and subverting the election process. It used to be in these United States of America, civil rights were steadily on the rise, decade after decade, granting more rights to individual citizens in the nation, such as ending Jim Crow era discrimination against Blacks even though CW1 had ended slavery, giving non-land owners, Blacks and women (& age 18 & older) the right to vote; making it against the law to discriminate against citizens for a variety of reasons (civil rights laws of the 1960s & after), such as gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, etc; making it against the law to deprive women of their reproductive rights as it relates to abortion; allowing same sex marriages with full rights granted to individuals in heterosexual marriages; etc.

Well, now women’s reproductive rights are gone, based on a recent Supreme Court ruling, and states are starting to reverse other laws, such as those that protect rights of individuals in same sex marriages, etc. BUT, what make this totally wrong right now, and on the same level as the Confederacy of pre-CW1, is that insurrectionist activities are rampant throughout many of these United States of America. Besides what happened on January 6, 2021, as led and planned by DJT-GOP, which is pure federal insurrectionist/seditionist/criminal acts, numerous state GOP public officials are violating the US Constitution by passing anti-voting rights laws and committing federal election subversion. If these states want to remain in the Union, they cannot have it both ways, just as the Confederates in pre-CW1 could not be part of the US republic if they didn’t abide by the US Constitution to its full extent.

The Dems are now hanging by the skin of teeth hoping that somehow there will be a massive voter turnout (greater than 2020) against the DJT-GOP lunatics who will be intimidating voters (FL Gov. DeSantis Election Police) as they try to get registered to vote, try to drop off their mail-in ballots at scarce few drop-off boxes (& don’t put those ballots in the US mail because DeEnemy DeJoy is still running USPS), or they stand in long lines all day trying to vote on election day.

You add it all up, and you don’t have to be a math genius to see that the Democrats, and our democracy, are royally being screwed! Oh yeah, and if you plan to take it to court on illegal DJT-GOP tactics etc, you can go ahead and try, but all that is going to do is cost a lot of time in general, and attorney fees, as it lingers forever in the federal court system, that is presently controlled by the GOP; which is exactly what Trump is doing right now, as the US DOJ is trying to proceed with likely criminal charges against him related to highly sensitive/classified documents he absconded with when he left the White House in January 2021 and moved back to his Mar-a-Lago, former Jeffrey Epstein hangout.

Here’s the simple math: When Trump was in office he managed to appoint 174 federal District judges (26% of current total), 54 federal Appellate judges (30% of current total), and 3 federal Supreme Court judges (33% of total). And if his cases make it all the way to the Supreme Court, which is certainly his plan to eat up time, he’ll probably win because that highest court now favors the conservatives (GOP) six to three versus liberals (Dems).

Besides all the above, the GOP gained seats in the House of Representatives by virtue of the 2020 census results coupled with the extreme devious gerrymandering they have been doing for last couple of decades that contributes to cancelling or neutralizing a lot of the urban votes that traditionally tend to vote Democrat. Sure, whatever the GOP is doing that is within the current law and our Constitution is their right, and the Dems do a certain amount of gerrymandering of voting districts themselves. But the real kicker is, that since the advent of Trump world, the state GOP has been enacting and implementing anti-voting rights acts in their states that are downright unconstitutional (i.e., contrary to US Constitution that they must abide by), and as such, the current Democratic controlled House should call a vote, declaring these state officials as federal insurrectionists for violating the US Constitution. The latter likely would pass in the House, but it would be cumbersome and complicated because it involves a lot of state public officials, and even if it passed, it would never be able to get passed in the US Senate; and therefore, Democratic Congress members are not going to take such risky action just before the November 2022 Mid-term elections because, let’s face it, they care more about getting reelected.

Well, all that is left with less than two months before the election is for an Executive Order to be issued by the current President, Joe Biden, thereby mandating that the federal elections be administered by the US Armed Forces under the command of the Commander in Chief, President Joe Biden; and to continue administering federal elections for the duration of his term ending in January 2025, or until such time that the GOP states begin abiding by the US Constitution as it relates to individual voting rights for all US Citizens. It probably would be easier for Biden to proceed with this action if the House first called for a vote (& it passed in their chamber) against the state GOP US Constitution violators, but not sense holding your breath waiting for that to happen. See the document (an editorial submission to WaPo that they cowardly never published) below for further details on the mentioned constitutional violations, and the obligation of the US Congress, President, Vice President and the Military in taking such actions against insurrectionists to restore compliance to the Constitution in the violating states.

Well, now the BIG QUESTION is, will President Biden take this colossal courageous step (as Lincoln did against the Confederates) , to save the US democratic republic from being taken over by state GOP insurrectionists? Or is this not going to be an Abe Lincoln – like moment for President Biden, and instead, is going to be a moment when President Biden takes a hands off approach in the best interest of his own interest of preserving his nearly half century-long legacy? This same question also applies to individual US Congress members in the House & Senate, who are also obligated by the US Constitution to take action against the state GOP insurrectionists by calling for a vote in Congress against these Constitution violators. As politicians, the President and those US Congress members naturally put their reelection, self preservation and livelihood for themselves & family first (i.e., rather than “US” first). The Dems & the President are TRULY IN A PICKLE – and so are a couple hundred million of US who are scared shitless about what the outcome may or may not be from this HORRIFIC TRUMPIAN NIGHTMARE TIME in USA history.

When you read this and ponder whether Biden will issue such as Executive Order at this critical time in US history to save our democracy and preserve our freedom and individual rights, also keep in mind that these same state GOP public officials are campaigning feverishly right now to elect or appoint public officials in key roles for administering federal elections now and in the future in their respective states, such as the Secretary of State positions, as well as county election officials, etc. The latter MAGA GOP individuals will be able skew and manage the elections to favor the GOP, and to appoint electors in the Electoral College in their state that will vote for GOP elected presidential candidates after the November 2024 election, regardless of who the majority of the voters favored in their state.

Unless Biden issues an Executive Order as described above, in all likelihood, the Democrats will take a bashing in the 2022 elections, and the GOP will take control of the House, and perhaps the Senate will remain the same at 50-50 with the Vice President carrying the tie breaking vote (which has seldom worked to the Dems advantage so far because of the “defacto” Republicans, US senators Manchin & Sinema, who typically vote with GOP). After a big win in Nov ’22 for the DJT-GOP, there will be no path forward for the Dems for a long time (i.e., rule by the authoritarian/autocratic DJT-GOP for multiple decades, beginning with a take-over and win in the presidential election for Trump (or his MAGA replacement) in Nov ’24, likely giving the GOP control of all 3 branches of the federal government simultaneously (executive, judicial and legislative branches), which if they did it in a fair, legal and constitutional abiding manner, we just have to accept it, and not complain; but the fact is, the DJT-GOP are a bunch of con-artist mobsters, led by a biggest shyster of all times (DJT), who conned the voting public into agreeing unknowingly to their long-term demise, likely leading to total societal collapse, and the next Great Extinction, that only the super wealthy will survive.

On the other hand, if Biden does issue an Executive Order as described, all hell could break loose, as South Carolina US Senator Lindsey Graham keeps saying: “If Trump gets indicted on federal charges…the MAGAs will riot”. Unfortunately, it’s kind of like either way (options A, B, C…), great civil unrest and possibly civil war (CW2) may occur (i.e., if Biden issues Executive Order to administer federal elections; US DOJ indicts Trump on federal charges; or the GOP trounces the Dem in Nov ’22 election, leading to election of Trump in Nov ’24 and the beginning of full-fledged DJT-GOP autocratic rule beginning in Jan ’25.

TO FINISH here, given below is a new GOP Horrific Principle (No. 22) that guides the evil DJT-GOP individuals in how they act/don’t act (go to the CGU Menu to see rest of GOP Platform); plus after that, a dozen or so new poems since April 2022 from Giacomo B Fischiatore are given (more at CGU Menu):

La Fine

GOP Horrid Principles (officially part of the GOP Platform): New one here – Go to CGU Menu for rest.

GOP Horrid Principle 22: Don’t ever hesitate to lie/deceive for intended future result, & if later either before/after you secured result you are accused of deceit, simply deny what you said or explain that you or listeners just misunderstood conversation.



Giacomo B Fischiatore (aka JPL) POEMS Feb-Sept 2022: New ones here – GO TO MENU for rest.

9/11 Twenty-One Year Anniversary (09/11/2022):

The enemy we now fear is so very near,

Since twenty sixteen, it is getting crystal clear,

The three thousand who died will not seem quite so big,

Compared to many civil war graves we will dig,


Now face domestic terror fueled by the rich,

Many will follow pided piper straight to the ditch,

Those being conned will regret following the herd,

As they crash over cliff’s edge for man who’s absurd,


So we still mourn for those we lost in Trade Center,

Now know our leaders put US at epicenter,

Decades and centuries ahead we will mourn more,

As capitalism and greed brings US blood & gore.


 GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


Twenty Twenty-Two Count Down (07/28/2022):

Hickory Dickory Dock

Have Dems forgot there’s a clock

Soon they’ll have just one branch

Need AG to apply stanch

Our forces Prez he commands

Who act upon his demands

A vote Congress needs to call

Insurrectionists must fall


Traitors surviving this year

Will turn it into high gear

The autocracy we fear

Will then be more than just near

Democracy soon hijacked

Cannot fear that odds are stacked

Courage must overcome risks

Freedom it must top all lists


Ease to vote our US right

Even playing field their fright

Cut of vote boxes unfair

It stands out with a glare

If Dems just let this pass by

Democracy it will fry

Those of US that care will cry

They say stand back & stand by


Days are numbered don’t you see

How much more must we all plea

Worry not about self but US

Don’t say we’re making a fuss

This must be a fierce battle

It’s not just a mere rattle

Public rights shouldn’t reverse

Such thinking is so perverse


It can’t just pass by unsaid

If we do we’ll forever dread

Not time to turn other cheek

Or time to be mild & meek

Cruel & mean don’t let up

Greed & power so corrupt

Time to act by Dems is now

Those in power can’t cower


If Dems give GOPers a pass

And be humble & kiss ass

The US will be their trough

They feed as we starve & cough

GOPers do not care for US

Our demise to them’s a plus

When will people see through them

For the greed & evil they stem


Those rolling with all the cash

Just scheming as they all stash

Your money and future hope

As they laugh, call you a dope

Some day soon we must all learn

Our true leaders must be stern

Those before put US ahead

Not GOPers, it’s them instead


Please see their deceit as crime

Don’t cloak them pure but grime

With populous deaf & blind

We and Earth coming to grind

Many died before to save

Kept US all from early grave

It is them we must stave off

They are mere wolves cloaked in cloth


The end justifies the means

To GOPers it allows extremes

Another’s demise is their rise

They see not tears in eyes

Nor do they hear sad sobbing

Or feel remorse for robbing

As they con donors to give

Just to enrich how they live


Don’t coat with sugar & spice

Plainly GOPers are not nice

Has been so for many years

Their wealth on rise with our fears

Wars to them are cash not tears

So what if extinction nears?

Profits pave way to exploit

We lose as they’re so adroit


After the brutal Civil War, safeguards were built into our Constitution through passage of following described amendments that allows action by Congress against Insurrectionists (local, state & federal) by simple majority vote:


GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


Terrible Two’s Days (not Tuesdays (02/22/2222):

The day will come, but few will be here to observe,

Habitable land for the rich they will preserve,

Billions migrate far in their attempt to survive,

Human Herd Reduction is what oligarchs’ strive.


Protections for the rich will be ample for them,

Includes highly treated water costing a gem,

Also rich will be safe from the weather’s fury,

As we all hopelessly seek safety in hurry.


Many will die of thirst, hunger and exposure,

As wealthy experience space travel for pleasure,

When many two’s all line up on our calendars,

Rich privileged class will be exploring the stars.


The strongest of us who survive will someday say,

Lust for greed and power of few brought us this way,

Our demise was destined by capitalism,

Rich shrewdly employ fascism and racism.


Naively thought that forces of good would prevail,

Entertainment frenzy helped to cause us to fail,

Plus we all have lust for materialism,

Lot to overcome with great political schism.


February (02) twenty-two (22), twenty-two, twenty-two (2222),

The rich few will be pondering their fate anew,

Zealots see seven two’s as Godly omen,

Pain and death to others is what God had chosen.


GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


Is He a Koch or a Dick? (5/7/22):

Hickory Dickory Dock,

She met a guy named Ed Koch,

Some things important to Ed,

Were getting regular head,

He’s a very simple man,

Not ever one to grand stand,

Just wants you to understand,

Now’s time to finish vows Jan.

GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


Kleptocrats’ (/oligarchs) Grand Plan (04/23/2022): 

Oh Hickory Dickory Dock

Hands spinning fast around the clock

Things here & world quickly unwind

And nothing real nor truth to find


At least that is what Russians say

Meantime Ukranians they pray

In their nation they vow to stay

World democracy on display


Genocide by Putin must end

That’s what it is, must not pretend

If he wins, this is just the start

Plain to see, this man has no heart


These acts we expected to see

So common for autocracy

Our future with Trump-GOP

Not a time for complacency


If Trump given another term

Nations bordering US will squirm

“Venezuela in our backyard ”

“Ripe for the taking” & bombard


So autocrat club will soon meet

The sleepy world they will soon greet

This is the Oligarchs’ Grand Plan

To reduce [human]herd and take all land.

La Fine!




Contemporary Ding-dong Oz song rhyming with WARLOCK (as in DJT Shyster/Conman, who’s always accusing justice seekers pursuing his indictment as being on a Witch Hunt):

Ding-dong, the warlock’s a crock!

Which old warlock? The wicked warlock!

Ding-dong, the wicked warlock’s a crock!

Oddly he’s got a Christian flock,

Who take stock in all his BS that we mock!

GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


Blessed St Patty’s Day 2022 (03/18/2022):

I’ve been told

I’m getting old

No tome to be bold

Nobody likes a toad

I just don’t fear

If you’re in my ear

Okay to be queer

Let them sneer


They don’t have tact

That’s plainly a fact

They’re cruel to Black

With truth don’t have jack

So today’s Saint Pat

Matters where you sat

For Jews it was splat

If White you’re a frat


So today beer is green

Lucky to have a spleen

Careful to avoid mean

If Christian, am clean

We’re equal so they say

Kneel down, let’s pray

For all people to stay

Hate we sweep away


Hey let’s continue story

Irish part of our glory

Had Celtics & signori

New Orleans Pietro & Lori

Boston was Cara & Paulo

Italian & Irish they did flow

In USA they both grow

Warn others of undertow


Continue with evolution

Work to reduce pollution

Europe, African & Asian

Equal rights in Constitution


Blend of races it’s diverse

Intention of universe

Many beliefs we converse

Better than hate & curse

Continue with evolution

Work to reduce pollution

Europe, African & Asian

Equal rights in Constitution


GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


Joe Knows (03/13/22):

Same verse, same as the first…..

Go Joe, Go Joe…

To, and fro

We know

This is all a TEST!

Just keep doing Your BEST!

Soon, you’ll be hitting a CREST!

Guaranteed you’ll win ’24 CONTEST!

GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


ODE TO JOE (2/22/22 = 2+2+2+2+2 = 10, or = 2+22+22 = 46, or = 2x2x2x2x2 = 32, or 2 x 22 x 22 = 968, or 2 x 22 x 2022 = 88,968, or altogether = 10 + 46 + 32 + 968 + 88,968 = 90,024):

Means: Something BAD is going to happen in ’24 (DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!)

Listen Joe

You never know

Until you go

To Kokomo

We’re banking on you,

First it was the flu,

And we’re true blue,

Don’t misconstrue


Union has laws

Not void of flaws

Ignore gaffaws

GOP are outlaws.

Take our rights away

Hoping we won’t stay

This isn’t just play

Way beyond fray


Must issue Exec Order

To avoid disorder,

Rights are in TX border,

Some mixing mortar

All plain to see,

.    Autocracy isn’t glee,

We want to be free,

Time now for decree


GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


Songs ringing thru my thick skull; more so now as we near ’24 (03/05/2022):

  1. A)        “I just dropped in to see what condition, my condition was in”
  2. B)        “Oh, when times get rough, and friends just can’t be found

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will lay me down”

  1. C)        “Relax, don’t do it,

When you want to go do it”

GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


SWEET TWEET, WW2 REPEAT? (02/24/2022):

Hey James, I much liked, & agreed with your tweet,

It made me ponder a lot, which was real sweet,

You said it well, no bother to be discreet,

The ilk you mentioned, just do not think too deep,


Too bad for Russians, who must live with that creep,

Trump & Republicans, worship at his feet,

Question Putin, he will pound & make you weep,

This is preview, if Republicans do sweep.


Soon we will have autocracy, which is a heap,

Say bad to dictators, they will grind your feet,

Only people to survive, will be the sheep,

Shame people must suffer, as oligarchs reap,


Please all hope & pray tonight, before you sleep,

Putin’s Republican pals, all think he’s sleek,

Venezuela next Ukraine, for US is not a leap,

It’s twenty-first century, World War repeat.


GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


FREEDOM FLOATING FEATHER -w/Chorus below & verses that follow (2/23/22):

CHORUS: sing/recite as written right here below, and then 6 verses that follow:

Foul weather it is now brewing,

Time for republic renewing,

To avoid the people’s screwing,

Freedom does float like a feather,

Democracy hangs by tether,

Up to US to stand together,

We need strong leaders to take stand,

Failing to do this won’t be grand,

Please save your people & this land,

So now we pray every day,

Want equal rights for all to stay,

Will bring US blue skies, & not gray.

FREEDOM FLOATING FEATHER (Using Chorus above when indicated):

CHORUS first

We are always asking what is next, and on comes Ukraine,

No surprise, GOPers[goapers] are rooting for Putin unrestain,

For them, always comes down to their likely financial gain,

They truly do not care what is Real, as they are insane,


We ask always ourselves why Red People get bamboozled,

And we plead with them to not watch FOX, but get refusal,

It would truly help if they had history & gave it a perusal,

For kids’ sake, thinking clear & doing right is so crucial,


We are presently spiraling down a perilous path,

Axis is forming and we could feel Adolf Putin’s wrath,

Against Putin, Trump & Xi trio, we would all take a bath,

Concern too with India’s Modi, they’re all psychopaths,


CHORUS again

Imagine Russia-China-India-pact with U.S.,

All the people of the world under constant stress & duress,

For current issues there certainly must be emphasis,

If things start to roll, it’ll be tricky to uncoil this mess,


So you could say this will never happen on our planet,

Fascism & Nazism of old is not now a habit,

We are just good Christians, hard as granite,

Just pure society, our self righteous facet,


It’s up to democratic nations to come together,

It almost seems like now, we’re just hanging by a tether,

Remember that freedom is not a mere floating feather,

A deadly storm is brewing now, with lots of bad weather.


Final CHORUS & end

GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


ALL THESE TWO’s ADD UP TO THE BLUES (6X2 = 2/22/2022):

Ought-Two, Two-Two, Two-Ought-Two-Two – CAME & WENT REAL SOON

What it will mean to all of US would make great new tune,

Our best hope in these present times is arrest of goon,

Much more important than another long trip to moon,


To indict Trump will preclude him from public office,

Exactly what is needed right now, chimed in, the chorus,

Thank God Congress has a good Democratic caucus,

And a Dem President who is extremely cautious,


At right time Prez will issue Emergency Order,

Backed by Armed Forces for any likely disorder,

Voting rights they do apply across each state border,

Having equal rights binds US together like mortar,


It’s now time that citizens think on lessons of past,

Brutality of Civil War makes US feel aghast,

To ignore these sad times of our nation would be crass,

Errors that led to these hard times, we must now surpass,


It would be foolish & reckless for voters to take a chance,

Look close at words & acts of candidates, don’t just glance,

Think carefully at polls of our current circumstance,

Now more than ever, it’s important to take strong stance,


So pray often, for our Dem Congress & President,

Must recognize our Constitution & its intent,

Abe & FDR served US well in time of need,

It is for this, we thank them for following our Creed.


GB Fischiatore (aka JPL)


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