We are PACATO: Principled American Citizens & Allies Together to Orchestrate



Principled American Citizens & Allies

Together to Orchestrate

In Harmony for the Common Good

of Humanity and our Planet

Our allies near and far, in small and large lands and populations, are in:

our local communities & regions; our states/provinces; our nation & its regions;

our North American continent, our Western Hemisphere;

and our other world nations, continents, Eastern hemisphere, and subdivisions thereof; and

our universe and beyond as extraterrestrial exploration and outer space habitation occurs.


Also see youREAPwhatyousow.org for the organization, REAP:

  •   Reality Environmental Action Proponents

PACATO.org recently partnered (allied) with REAP at www.youREAPwhatyousow.org as one of our many principled allies who are working together in harmony in a principled manner for the Common Good of Humanity and the Planet. This is a perfect partnership between two organizations having many similar goals and objectives, such as publicizing and working towards the identification, investigation and remediation of the many CRIM plants that are leaking cancerous chemicals across the nation and the world and putting the protection/preservation/restoration of the environment and rights of the common man ahead of economic bottom-line cost shaving tactics occurring at these CRIM plants to maximize profits at the detriment and cost to the general welfare and health & safety of the public.


www.PACATO.org Table of Contents

  1. About PACATO: Its Name, Purpose, and Mission & Vision Statements:
  2. Introduction:
  3. PACATO Allies:
  4. PACATO’s Slogan and Motto:
  5. PACATO Principles:
  6. Inception, Conception and Founding of PACATO:
  7. Basic Needs and Rights of the Citizens of the World:
  8. The Primary Mission of PACATO is to:
  9. Board of Directors:
  10. Volunteer Advocates:
  11. Contact information
  12. Further Information on PACATO Name, Slogan and Logo:
    1. PACATO Italian synonyms:
    1. PACATO Italian antonyms (opposite):
  13. About PACATO Logo:


About PACATO: Its Name, Purpose, and Mission & Vision Statements:

NOTE: Keep in mind that PACATO is in its infancy, and so all suggestions are encouraged and welcomed – please get involved and provide your valuable input and thoughts on how you think this organization can be formulated to best serve the common good of humanity and the planet.


PACATO: Principled American Citizens & Allies Together Orchestrate

So why the name PACATO?

In general, “pacato”, which is an Italian word, means:

  • Subdued, quiet, calm, tranquil, peaceful, easy going, and placid; and some goes as far as saying it also means “timid, excessively modest, prudish, and goody goody [two shoes]”.
  • Pacato is “giving peace”; or is “at peace, and not disturbed by passions”; and is the opposite of “aggressive”, “explosive”, etc.

The word “orchestrate” means: “to carefully organize events and situations to achieve a desired result or outcome”.

What follows is a discussion of what is meant by “principles”, and “allies” and “orchestrate”.

 All of these words that make up PACATO are important, and certainly since the verb “orchestrate” describes “action”, it alone says a lot.  So, the obvious question is: Orchestrate what? The answer just by itself given here is quite simple when written or spoken: PACATO’s main function is to orchestrate situations, events and circumstances to arrive at and produce a desired outcome or result that is beneficial to the common good of humanity and the planet. That is it “in a nutshell” so to speak.

At the end of this blog there is further information on the background and basis for the PACATO.org name, motto and logo.

PACATO Allies:

Our allies are our friends, and for the most part, are like-minded individuals or organizations. We say “for the most part” here, because obviously there are always differences of opinions, etc., between different individuals and organizations. How we handle those differences is essential at the core of achieving success and can never be overlooked or ignored, but does not need to be an insurmountable obstacle to achieving the prime endeavor of a PACATO goal or objective.

  1. Our allies are almost everywhere, and can be found:
  2. in our local communities and regions; in our states or provinces;
  3. in our nation, continent, and hemisphere;
  4. and in all the occupied lands, nations, continents and hemispheres (East and West) of the world.

PACATO’s Slogan and Motto:

Since the current leader of the free/democratic world’s slogan is “Putting America First”, there is no reason why our slogan cannot be Putting (not spelled putin) American Citizens and Allies Together to Orchestrate; but the initial inclination has been to use the prior slogan given (Principled American Citizens & Allies Together Orchestrate) because of the key word contained therein: “Principled”. PACATO would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please feel free to give suggestions on the slogan or anything else related to the organization and website/blog.

PACATO Principles:

So now, back to the word “principled”. At this time and age in history, the words “principle” and “character” have more meaning and significance than ever before in modern history.

In the simplest terms, PACATO’s basic principles are similar to principles that might be taught in a youth “Character School” (they actually exist) or other elementary or secondary school that may have a particular curriculum or topic in a course concentrating on human character attributes and associated principles, such as:

  1. Principle Number 1: The Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”.
  2. Principle Number 2: “Be respectful of your fellow man, whoever that man or woman may be”.
  3. Etc.

Inception, Conception and Founding of PACATO:

PACATO (Principled American Citizens & Allies Together Orchestrate) was organized and founded by Giacomo B Fischiatore, an environmental engineer, activist, U.S. Midwesterner and a whistleblower from the early 2000’s. The latter fact is mentioned because he also recently organized and founded REAP (Real Environmental Action Proponents) under the webpage/blog www.youREAPwhatyousow.org. Without saying too much about REAP and its associated web site, suffice it to say that the primary purpose of REAP and www.youREAPwhatyousow.org is to bring to light the prevalence in the U.S. of under-regulated, under-controlled, and negligent leaky CRIM plants (Chemically  Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) that are operating throughout the nation in a manner that is insidiously degrading the quality of our public water supply sources with carcinogenic toxic chemicals, especially for those public water supplies in the entire Great Lakes region – do not hesitate to appropriately call them for what they are (“CRIMe” plants), if that in fact is how they have operated over the past several  decades; which was and is at our peril and detriment, primarily motivated by the mentality of minimizing “bottom line” costs to maximize profits. The latter REAP approach just described herein was a blunt and direct pronouncement of the negligence and breach of duty committed by corporate and public officials and their representatives to act in a manner that protects the general welfare and health & safety of the public – quite sadly and pathetically, this gross negligence has been ongoing for multiple decades, approaching a half a century. Yes, believe me when I say, “there are still “Love Canal” type (historical event) toxic disasters still going on (thousands and thousands of them), and there “ain’t no love in them”, only personal and financial misfortune for the affected victims who have been stricken with cancer and have fallen into ill health and financial ruin as their property values plummet and their savings accounts got drained due to all the medical bills. So if you go to www.youREAPwhatyousow.org, you will see right away, that the approach used by REAP and the blog is clearly not one that is “sugar coating” this pronouncement, nor heaping praise on the neglectful CRIM plant perpetrators and their protectors and enablers; nor was it soft and gentle on the local, state and federal public officials and agencies from all branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial) who seem to be more protective of corporate financial health/profits and their re-election, than they are concerned about the welfare, health & safety of the citizens they serve. So you might say that REAP and www.youREAPwhatyousow.org has been the “stepping stone” or stepping off/stepping forward point that led to the development of PACATO and www.PACATO.org as presented herein.

By comparison, PACATO is characterized by a “kinder and gentler” approach. And along those same lines, and said by the same USA leader, PACATO is looking for those ”thousand points of light”, as the late U.S. President, George H Bush once said. In fact, we are looking for a lot more than a thousand points of light; we want to find a billion or more points of light throughout the world to work on the mission, vision and goals & objectives of PACATO. In this day when there is so much cynicism (justifiably so), PACATO wants to offer the billions of citizens worldwide an opportunity to participate by first letting PACATO know, so then we in turn can let the leaders of the world (local, state, national, international, etc.) know how citizens and humans of the world feel about how contemporary society and its industrial/corporate and governmental leaders are behaving/misbehaving and managing/mismanaging societal affairs and formulate ideas that PACATO jointly believes needs to be addressed and implemented to do less things negative and more things positive for the overall “common good of humanity and the planet”.

The hope of PACATO.org is that hundreds and hundreds of PACATO work groups will form locally and across the state, nation and world, consisting of all walks of life (humans of all types/diversity: multiple races, religions/nonreligious, income levels, education levels, ages, gender, sexual orientation, etc.) to formulate ideas on what is good and bad about contemporary society, and what is needed for the common good of humanity and the earth to sustain human and animal/plant life and to improve the quality of life for all living things. We cannot just continue rely on the 0.1% or 1% to decide on what is best for humanity and the planet. Not that there are not a lot of good wealthy people in the world, but the power of wealth and money is so concentrated and overpowering/overwhelming that it pervades almost every facet of society governance in a lobbyist/special interest fashion that profoundly affects the lives (positive & negative) of billions and billions of humans, including basic sustenance items, such as the abundance/adequate supply of clean and safe air, food, water, clothing, housing, medications, medical care, etc. All of the latter just mentioned, for the most part, should clearly come under the category of “basic human needs and rights”. Unfortunately, just because someone has a lot of associated power and influence because of their wealth (the 0.1 to 1.0%), does not necessarily mean that have superior intelligence or judgment or empathy as it relates to doing what is best for humanity and the one and only planet that we have, that we call Earth/home. PACATO.org recognizes that there are enormous and complicated challenges associated with the capitalistic and democratic framework adopted in some form by many free societies in the world, but regardless, we strongly favor the democratic/free/open form of government for modern day civilization.  PACATO is committed to work within the boundaries of the latter economic/governmental framework, although our quest will always be to search for better ways that this foundation can be reinforced and modified to better suit the common good of humanity and the planet. PACATO is a peaceful and law abiding organization, and our means and methods of advocating and making our positions known will always be done is an intelligent, empathetic and peaceful manner.

PACATO intends to give the voiceless and the poor/impoverished/hungry/ill an avenue or outlet to get their concerns and feelings known to the world, and to allow them to amplify the seriousness of the conditions that persists for many humans throughout the world caused by a variety of deficiencies and factors, such as food and water shortages, lack of education opportunities, lack of medications and medical care, lack of gainful employment, unfair labor practices, low/inadequate wages, lack of adequate housing, inadequate sanitary conditions for sewage and solid waste disposal, inadequate or nonexistent public safety/security/police work forces, no insect or vermin control, unhealthy air quality, and many more basic living and quality of life deficiencies for individuals and their families.

Certainly there are many other existing organizations with similar missions than PACATO, although most of the other organizations may be more focused on one particular issue for those communities/societies in need, like providing “safe drinking water” or “sanitary facilities” or “food for the undernourished/hungry/starving”.  PACATO’s mission and purpose is broader, and comes at a time when the USA seems to be weakening it alliances with many nations in the free world. Of course, it is not just in the USA, but this trend of isolationism and nationalism is found in many nations throughout the world. PACATO’s goal and purpose is to counteract this trend by bringing together many citizens throughout the world who strongly advocate for working in concert with our democratic allies. We want to see the bonds with our allies growing stronger and not weaker; and we certainly do not want these bonds with our good allies to sever or be jeopardized. Besides our critical national allies, PACATO advocates and believes it is essential that we constantly work and strive for stronger bonds with ALL OUR ALLIES, starting from our local communities and working outward to local regions, states or provinces, national regions, bordering nations, continent, global hemisphere, and worldwide. 

Quite simply, as PACATO.org members, volunteers, group organizers and leaders, we are all working together (orchestrating) related to given events or circumstances in our societies to achieve a desired outcome or result. It is like a musical/instrumental “orchestra”, which is a universally understood word/term, whereby the conductor, along with instrumental section leaders (e.g., for string section, horn section, etc.), and each individual orchestra member, conducts the large orchestra in unison to perform a masterful and beautiful production of a symphonic composition (perhaps by Bach, Mozart, etc.). The latter is done in synchrony, and is achieved synergistically and harmonically with a superb array of musical sounds that brings joyful and gratifying feelings of delight and pleasure to all of those in the orchestra and those fortunate to be in attendance. Hopefully, though the efforts of all individuals and groups involved with PACATO.org, we will find and convince those political conductors who hold a high office in the governance of the people, that want to achieve results and outcomes that will effectively contribute to the betterment of the “common good of humanity and the planet”.  Metaphorically, there are a lot of individuals and organizations that make up the orchestra (you and PACATO included), and there are a lot of communities and societies in attendance hoping that the performance will gratify them or simply fulfill their needs for the many deficiencies they have in day to day living on this planet. Those political/governmental officials and leaders of our civilization and society need to grasp and fulfill their duties to enact, implement and enforce policies that will be beneficial and protective of the common good of humanity and the planet (animals, plants, etc.).  These political conductors need to guide themselves when serving mankind and our planet keeping in mind basic needs and rights of the citizens of the world (see next section):

Basic Needs and Rights of the Citizens of the World:

  • Right to healthy food and nourishment.
  • Right to safe drinking water.
  • Right to safe and healthy sanitation facilities (for sewage, solid waste disposal, etc.).
  • Right to an education.
  • Right to housing.
  • Right to medications and medical care.
  • Right to clean and safe breathable air.
  • Right to public safety and security.
  • Judicial rights related to due process under the law, such as a fair and impartial trial.
  • Civil rights related to anti-discrimination and other civil rights violations.
  • Rights to living in a sustainable and viable environment in concert with all earthly species.
  • Etc., etc., etc….

The Primary Mission of PACATO is to:

Let politicians know that we do not want to be isolationists or pure nationalists who have no empathy and have little and no regard about what is going on with humanity and the environment in various parts of the local community, state/province, nation, continent, hemisphere, or the world.

PACATO and its supporters advocate against isolationism and are proponents for inclusivity and diversity, and advocate for reducing barriers to both, such as encouraging our communities to be receptive of a wide array of citizens with varying backgrounds, origins, religions, customs, etc.

PACATO’s Vision is to have billions of members who collectively advocate for policies and methods of governance that works for the betterment of the common good of humanity and the planet.

The intended primary activities and functions of PACATO will generally be educational, scientific, testing for public safety (e.g., sampling and testing related to public health & safety, etc.), and other related activities as qualified for a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under U.S. IRS Section 501(c)(3).

More specifics on the Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives of PACATO will be forthcoming, and any suggestions are welcome.

Board of Directors:

Interested, dedicated and devoted individuals at all levels (officers, board members) are now being sought (please use contact form).

Volunteer Advocates:

Interested, dedicated and devoted individuals at all locations throughout the USA  and throughout the world are now being sought (please use contact form).

Contact information

Please use contact form.

Further Information on PACATO Name, Slogan and Logo:

PACATO Italian synonyms:

  1. Tranquillo: Not agitated by passion, worries, doubts, anxieties, etc.
  2. Temperante: Moderate oneself, contained within desires or instincts.
  3. Moderato: centrism, intermediate position.
  4. Impassibile: Stay facing a situation of pain, imperturbable.
  5. Buono: Good, consistent with morality, duty, fairness, good behavior, good integrity.
  6. Castigato: Correct, free from defects, not offending morality, free of vulgarity.
  7. Imperbabile: Cannot be perturbed, unchangeable, does not show emotion or get disturbed.
  8. Equilibrato: Balanced, fair, just reasoning, judicious.
  9. Indifferente: Does not overly show particular interest in just one individual or group or something, but looks to a broader interest and purpose; impartial in face of ruin or danger.
  10. Spassionato: Objective, impartial, fair, dispassionate opinion.
  11. Disinteressato: Acting without taking into consideration one’s own interest, unselfish, no gift received.
  12. Continente: Self –restrained, temperate.
  13. Controlloto: Showing self control, know how to dominate impulse.

PACATO Italian antonyms (opposite):

  • Agressivo: Attacks, impetuous, violent.
  • Brutale: Coarse, crude.
  • Irato: Full of wrath, anger.
  • Turbolento: Cloudy, stormy, unrest.
  • Sentenzioso: Person brought to renounce who flaunts wisdom.
  • Schizzato: Unstable and inconsistent in behavior.
  • Roborante: Booming, rhetorical, sonorous, but of little substance.
  • Cattedratico: Full of solemnity, authoritative, peremptory and insisting on immediate attention and obedience.

In reading the above synonyms and antonyms, do not envision PACATO as lackluster or timid to the point of not expressing our opinions and wants and desires, because that is far from who we are. But our approach is one that will be thoughtful/intelligent, kinder/gentler and will be presented and advocated in a manner that is peaceful and will not be steered off track by internal or external passions encountered – we will be focused on orchestrating outcomes to change situations or circumstances for the better for the common good of mankind and the planet.


The logo is made up of the strength inherent in the triangular configuration, which has a lot of subtle inherent messages related to integration/triangulation and coordination of individuals, groups and allies on various endeavors in fulfillment of PACATO’s mission, vision, goals and objectives. As you can see, there are many allies on the three legs of the triangle, and given at the bottom two corners of the triangle are the abbreviations “CG” representing the “common good of humanity and the planet”. On the top of the triangle is “P” for “Principles”, but could also represent “People” or simply “PACATO”. The “P” is located above a circle that represents the planet, which is being watched over and guarded by these people with principles, and inside the circle is a representation of “humanity” or “humankind”.  Inside the triangle, is a sheet of music, with the upbeat notes and progressive (small to large) spelling of “PACATO”, that starts out very softly (pp) and then builds up to just regular soft (p) at the end, with moderately soft (mp) in between. And notice that the final “O” in the spelling of PACATO on the sheet music is the circular symbol of the earth again, which typically has a cross on the top, and a human figure inside who is obviously conducting towards the beginning of the word “PACATO” and towards the beginning of the sheet music or the “Treble Clef” to the far left.